This is Barrica!

Introducing Barrica, where the magic happens! Since Bart van Bergen took over in January 2022, this place has been buzzing with energy and non-stop improvements, big and small, thanks to an exceptional team of professionals and passionate souls.

Wine is our fuel, and at Barrica, we bring you interesting and tasteful wines. While we adore the old world classics, we’re also venturing into uncharted territories. Our team’s knowledge is expanding every day, so get ready for spirited debates about your choices and bold recommendations. And when it’s time to celebrate, don’t miss out on our sparkling gems—no big names, just sensational bubbles that are worth every penny. In Apollonis we trust!

But hey, let’s not forget about the food! Because here, good wine gets even better with great food. Our menu is an ever-changing list of small, shareable dishes bursting with special flavours, all lovingly crafted in-house. You’ll find the expected delights, but we also love exploring new angles. Don’t be sad if your favourite dish is swapped out, the best ones often come back on the menu after another dish got a chance to shine. We welcome your feedback (okay… it can sting a little, so be nice 😉 ), as it fuels our growth.

Besides wine and food, we also do cocktails. Better yet, we don’t just do them, we love them. And so do our guests. Especially the espresso martinis have become tough competition for our desserts, and a workout for our staff.

Your favorite neighborhood restrobar

Barrica wants to be that local wine bar where we welcome everybody. We appreciate our international guests as much as our neighbours. Speaking of which, we adore our neighbourhood “Old West” and proudly call it home. A chill residential area with some hidden gems. And that’s exactly where we want to fit in (well, not too hidden, of course). And although we like to entertain you all night long, on weekdays we close at midnight to keep our neighbours just as happy as our guests. In the weekends you can enjoy our wines, beers and bites a little longer but if you want to party all night long, we are more than happy to be your first stop of the night and provide some magnificent pre-drinks.

Ultimately, our sole mission is to ensure you have an unforgettable time. Whether it’s Friday night drinks, celebrating a milestone, indulging in day-drinking on a lazy afternoon, or even throwing a bash for your four-legged friend’s birthday – we’re here to create the best memories. See you soon!