Our partners

We work with two wine suppliers to put together our wine list. One of them is D-Vine. The idea behind D-Vine is a wine import/wholesaler that focuses on the catering industry. Their portfolio consists partly of their own imports, but they also enter into collaborations with other strong importers. They have both classics from renowned wineries and raw gems from lesser-known producers. Wines made with love and craftsmanship is what connects all these wines. Robin helps us put together a balanced wine list and visits often enough to teach the team about what is actually on the menu.

Le Vineur
Our other wine supplier is Kariem from Le Vineur. He is always looking for new gems and mainly focuses on wines from France. In his quest for wines, accessibility, quality, exclusivity and sustainability are the main pillars. Kariem can tell stories about the winemakers, the grapes, the special locations, the aromas, the color of the wine and so on and so on.

Butcher Ten Wolde
Arend ten Wolde is passionate about his product. He selects the animals he works with himself to guarantee the best quality of the meat, from animals that have had a good life. He works with mostly local products, keeping it as fresh as possible. You can visit him yourself at the Maasstraat, here in Amsterdam!

Levain et Le Vin
We have the most delicious bread and we get it from just around the corner, at Levain et le Vin. This is a sourdough bakery and natural wine shop in the Jan Pieter Heijestraat in Amsterdam. Sourdough bread is made daily in the bakery in a natural way. We can’t get enough of it.

Our beautiful Spanish Iberico hams come from Pureham. A company based in Amsterdam, run by a Spanish family, that provides its customers with Spanish delicacies. They have the highest quality Pata Negra, which is exactly what we need.

LOT 61
A smaller part of our products, but still important: coffee! We use coffee beans from LOT61. We use the Fivr beans: this Brazilian coffee delivers a sweet, chocolate syrupy espresso that is delicious on its own or combined with frothed milk.